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Vivere Cultural and Arts Society - A SHORT CHRONOLOGY

The nonet Vivere was founded in 1994 in the pleasant company of young girls who have always loved singing.

The first words about Vivere in a local newspaper were: "They created an atmosphere of excitement and enchanted the audience with their youthful vivacity and the energy that could be felt in their performance".

After that, numerous concerts, guest performances and connections with similar Slovenian chamber groups followed and our work has become more serious over the years.

We have been independent since the foundation of the Vivere Cultural and Arts Society in 1997, which means organizing our own concerts, guest performances, singing preparations and potential recordings, as well as smaller-scale financial securityWe all know one thing - culture has always been and always will be barefoot.

But at the same time, we have been able to find out that amateur activity in Slovenia is very much alive. We perform on different stages at least 20-30 times every year and make appearances all over Slovenia. Each year we hold at least two independent concerts with guests. We cooperate with puppeteers, music groups playing different styles of music, storytellers, dancers, musical soloists, such as violinists, flautists and tambura players, as well as with fine artists, chamber groups from different places, choir and, actors.
We perform at regional chamber group festivals and generally also at interregional or state festivals, depending on the selection of assessors. We frequently take part in festivals of certain chamber groups where we receive good evaluations.

As an interesting point and to highlight a speciality of ours let us mention also the traditional Christmas-New Year concerts in Maribor prison. We have already sung there seven times and it has always been a pleasure to perform there. We have managed to create a festive atmosphere among the inmates who have accepted us very well.
At the end of 2008, we recorded our first CD at Radio Maribor with the title "Vivere, to live and enjoy life".This is also the motto of our group which has bound us for 18 years. The CD consists of folk songs, arranged mostly by our artistic director Tadej Kušar, and other songs specially arrangedfor choirs. The compositions are still very current and their quality is excellent.
We have also performed across the border. A few years ago we went to Austrian Suha, where we participated in the festival of chamber groups from the neighbouring countries - Hungary, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. The festival was a pleasant experience since it represented the opportunity to meet similar groups from other countries and get to know their way of work. At the same time we found out how truly close we are to each other… culture has no limits!

In 2010 we participated in a three-day competitive festival, called Slovakia Cantat 2010, which took place in Bratislava. In the competition of seven chamber groups from Slovenia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Cyprus and Serbia we achieved the greatest possible number of points and received the cup and the golden plaque. We also performed in Slovakia a year later.
The Slovene ambassador in Bratislava invited us to a solemn event on the anniversary of Slovenia's independence where we surprised the audience with the polyphonic arrangement of the Slovak national anthem.
And we still keep a good memory of our first performance across the Slovenian border.In the Italian city of Belluno, at a meeting of singers from three countries, namely Italy, Austria and Slovenia, we were the only female guest chamber group among twelve male choirs. The temperamental Italians accompanied each song with loud chanting and that was something we had never experienced before or would ever experience again. Even though 15 years have passed, we still consider the event as exceptional and unforgettable.

We returned to Italy once again with great excitement and expectation.In July this year we attended the three-days Firence International Summer Festival. It was lovely experience with all the nice people, in one of the most beautiful towns in the world.

In the company of 19 best choirs in the world we have achieved two silver medals and had the best time ever. We have once again confirmed the motto of our group: "Vivere, to live and enjoy life".

The current members of the group Vivere are:

Andreja Vidmar, 1. soprano
Mateja Pleteršek, 1. soprano
atalija Šarman Ferlež, 2. soprano
Marija Žlebič, 2. soprano
Franja Gomaz Jamnik , 1. alto
Tadeja Mlakar, 1. alto
Lea Ostrožnik Stegne, 2. alto
Irena Rupnik, 2. alto

Artistic director: Tadej Kušar



Vivere smo: Andreja, Mateja, Natalija, Marija, Nastja, Ana, Simona, Anja, Lea, Irena.
Umetniška vodja: Nadja Stegne